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Buy quality Xtouch products online at affordable prices at Zit Electronics Store. We offer payment on delivery options for Lagos orders and fulfill orders within 24 hours. Xtouch Technologies is a leading technology company headquartered at Dubai, UAE. providing high-quality and innovative mobility products that are value for money with the mission to provide access to better life for consumer and to bring the latest advances in technology to the masses at an affordable price.


The product portfolio includes but not limited to feature phones, smart phones, tablets, smart watches, smart accessories and smart home products. Started in 2012, Xtouch has established its sales network over 20 countries across Middle East, Africa and in parts of Europe and has sold over three million units since then.

With the ideology of Beyond Expectation, Xtouch is and will be consistent from the first to last for delivering better-valued products and services to customer than ever expected. 


The XTouch Air Fryer is a countertop device that combines a low-fat fryer and cooker, allowing you
eat healthier without giving up on the taste and texture of your favourite meals. It's unique rapid-air technology circulates hot air with speed and precision for faster cooking and perfect results with a tablespoon or less of
oil.  It cooks fries with 70% less fat, bakes or grill meats, burgers, wings and fish with no oil at all. The Xtouch blender makes meals faster and more conveniently. It comes with high-quality stainless steel cung blades which always ensure smooth final outcomes. It also comes with
a filter feature which ensures you get clear juice without seeds and pips.

Shop and buy amazing Xtouch home appliances on Zit Electronics Online Store at an affordable price today.