Core Values




These are the four '4' core values of the Zit Electronics Store brand.

We carry out our business with these values at heart. We are a people committed to greatness and thus replicate same.

  •  Value 

Being productive is central to our thoughts and thus seek to develop the entire human stance by:
Employing the best hands possible
Creating a friendly environment for people to work in
Aspiring to overcome challenges and bottleneck that serves as hindrances to effective and efficient ways of conducting business in the world

  • Efficiency

Time is a crucial component to every business. With this in mind:
We attend to our customers’ orders promptly
We deliver goods with exceptional pace

  • Professionalism

We earn customer loyalty and respect everyday by :
Providing and maintaining great products
Ensure that there are no hitches or hassles when delivering customers’ orders


  •  Trust

At Zit Electronics Store, we carry out business with a wholesome integrity and honesty, because we believe lies and deceit are not necessities for business and therefore:
We do business in an “open environment.”
We conduct business in an atmosphere of love, care and trust