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Buy quality Tiger products online at affordable prices at Zit Electronics Store. We offer payment on delivery options for Lagos orders and fulfill orders within 24 hours. Tiger produces the most portable and efficient generators which make a popular choice in many Nigerian homes. Tiger generators are not just durable but also cheaper than other generator brands. They were among the first set of generators to be used in Nigeria with about 70-80% of the population owning one at home.

You can get a Tiger generator for as low as N25,000 in the Nigerian market today.

Tiger generators are often portable and perfect for home use as well as small and medium businesses. They have overload auto-circuit breakers, steady output, and are relatively noiseless, portable and light, fit for domestic and commercial use. You are also assured of long-lasting durability.


Shop an buy for quality tiger generator at an affordable price on Zit Electronics Online Store today.