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Buy quality Okayama products online (Okayama Generators, Batteries, Stabilizer) at affordable prices at Zit Electronics Store. We offer payment on delivery options for Lagos orders and fulfill orders within 24 hours. Okayama generator is one of the brands that is getting on the list of consumers when it comes to choosing the best power machine to have at home. 

Okayama is a relatively new brand on the market but is gaining ground and popularity fast. This might be due to its durability and ruggedness. Apart from the fact that their products are now among the most popular in the generator industry, the brand has carved a niche out for itself, constantly releasing top-rated products to the market.

Okayama generators fall into the categories of those generator brands that can be used for a very long time without any issues provided they are maintained well. In addition to their proven reliability, most of their products boast reasonable warranty period, although this sometimes depend on the place of purchase. The Okayama generator has also proven to be very easy to maintain.

Okayama generators currently have three variety of capacities, which are 1.2kva, 2.8kva and 3.5kva.

These Okayama generators adopt an advanced technology in design and performance peculiar only to the Okayama Brand. They serve as very reliable generators that ensures effective running of your home and office appliances. They are also very affordable and would fit into any budget size.


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