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Zit Electronics is building Nigeria’s number one destination for buying household electronics online. We are excited to announce the Zit Fixed Investment Scheme to prospective investors. In our bid to continue to enrich lives by providing quality brands in the most convenient way possible, we have decided to reward our prospective investors with fixed and pre stated returns on funds invested. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What would the funds be used for?
We sell Electronics online. We've been operating under capacity at the moment even though we've still been profitable over the years. The funds would be directed to towards marketing, which is our major sales driver. We've done our projections and would deliver safely on our promise.

What if the company does not meet up with its target sales?

Even though it's an investment, it's more like a loan

The risk attached for an investor is near zero. Should things don't go as planned, we'd foot the bill. We practically seal the deal immediately it's starts.

For example, you make a payment of 2 million naira, you would get a cheque of 2 million plus expected interest immediately and can pay it into your bank at maturity.

Is this a Ponzi Scheme like MMM?
This is not a networking scheme. We are into sales of household electronics alone. Your returns are paid directly from sales and profit made from the business and not from the investment of other people.


After payment what next?
A bank Cheque with the value of your expected yield would be sent to you via the address that was provided on registration.


Do you offer payments in installment?
For now, Zit Electronics Store doesn’t we don't consider such but we are looking forward to introduce this in the future.


Can I opt out before the expiration?
No. It's a fixed investment and can only be liquidated on maturity.This helps us plan and ensure that the funds are yield the desired return for all investors including you.

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